David Devereaux-Weber, P.E.

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Madison, WI 53711-1928
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Last update: December 20, 2020


July, 1993 - October 2016: Division of Information Technology, now UW-Madison Information Technology at the The University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, Wisconsin. Network Consultant: designed, installed, maintained and repaired cable television, Internet and telephone systems. DoIT also provided maintenance and modification of WiscNet, a statewide data network operated by a consortium of educational and public institutions, as well as BOREAS, a 4 state Regional Optical Network connecting Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to Chicago and Kansas City.   My specialty was video, from cable television to video over the Internet, and video conferencing. I helped to design and build the Residential Television Network in 1994. The RTN provides campus distribution of cable television over a hybrid-fiber-coax backbone. In 2004, I helped to build the Digital Academic Television Network (DATN), a video over IP system serving the campus. I was a co-chair of the Internet2 Research Channel Working Group, and was a member of the Internet2 Commons Management Team.


October, 1992 - Present: DDW Services, Madison, Wisconsin. Self employed consultant in telecommunications engineering, specializing in cable television. Perform research and development, cable system mapping and design, headend design, system or headend troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. Perform system tests and measurements, FCC proof-of-performance, Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) tests for cable television companies or cable television franchise authorities. Subcontracted work for the Govornor's Blue Ribbon Telecommunications Infrastructure Task Force, including assembling a map of Wisconsin Fiber Optic Cable (1993).

January 1987 - October, 1992: American Communications Consultants, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. As a consultant, performed research and development and designed systems for cable television, cellular telephone, computers, voice and data communications and Local Area Networks. Developed applications and support over eighty personal computers in 6 offices, including programs such as Lotus 123, AutoCAD/AutoLISP, Lotus Symphony, dBASE III, Officewriter, Crosstalk and BASIC. The name Cottrell & House, Inc. was changed to American Communications Consultants, Inc. in 1987. The firm was a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (TDS). TDS closed ACC in 1993.

December 1982 - January 1987: TDS Cable Communications, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. Director of Engineering: Directed the design, construction, and technical operation of sixteen cable systems, from thirty-five to fifty-four channel systems, including two-way systems with institutional networks, addressable converters, and status monitoring. Assisted in franchise application process. The firm was a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (TDS). TDS divested most of the cable systems in 1986.

January 1982 - December 1982: Cottrell & House, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. As a consultant, responsible for planning, design, and operation of communication systems. The name Telephone Engineering Services was changed to Cottrell & House, Inc. in 1982. The firm was a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (TDS). (The name Cottrell & House was changed to American Communications Consultants in 1987. TDS closed ACC in 1993.)

September 1979 - December 1981: Complete Channel TV, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin (Complete Channel TV became TCI Cable of Wisconsin in 1982, then Bresnan and is now Charter Communications). Director of Engineering Services; Chief Engineer: Directed planning, design, installation, operation, and maintenance in studio, headend, master control, satellite receivers, microwave system and distribution system. Supervised staff of 12 technicians. Maintained compliance with federal, state, and local rules and regulations. Prepared budgets and completed proof of performance tests.

April 1979 - September 1979: Complete Channel TV, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. Engineering Supervisor: Installed and maintained headends, microwave system, satellite receivers, master control, and studio equipment and test equipment. Worked with Director of Engineering in planning and implementing system design and renovation. Supervised maintenance technician and master control operators.

April 1977 - April 1979: Complete Channel TV, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. Studio Engineer: Installed, operated, maintained, and repaired studio, headend and test equipment. Assisted Director of Engineering and Chief Technician in maintenance and repair of distribution system.

August 1976 - April 1977: WISC-TV, Madison, Wisconsin. Engineer: Responsibilities in telecine operations (film and videotape), master control operations, studio control operations (video switching and audio switching), studio equipment maintenance (cameras, videotape machines, master control and studio switchers), transmitter operation and transmitter maintenance.

August 1973 - March 1977: WTSO (AM) and WZEE (FM) Madison, Wisconsin. Engineer (part time): Responsible for transmitter operations and transmitter maintenance for both stations. (This position was held concurrently with the positions at Complete Channel TV and WISC-TV.)

July 1973 - July 1976: Complete Channel TV, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin. February 1974: System Technician: With continuing responsibility as Service Coordinator; responsible for the design of areas not included in the original construction, and for supervision of the construction of those newly designed areas. Directly responsible for the installation of cable television service to VIP customers (mayors, members of Common Councils, members of the Cable TV Advisory Committees) and to schools and other institutions. Was also responsible for the program to control unauthorized access to the cable system. Worked with the Dane County District Attorney's office, the Madison Police Department and the City of Madison Building Inspection Department to identify, document, investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute unauthorized connections to the cable system. November 1973: Service Coordinator: Direct responsibility to coordinate service calls from a technical standpoint. July 1973: System Technician Trainee: Assisted the Director of Engineering in system construction, system maintenance, service and trouble calls.

June 1971 - Present: WORT (FM) Madison, Wisconsin. Volunteer organizer and engineer: With a group of volunteers, formed a non-profit corporation, obtained funding, filed for and received a license to construct and operate a non-commercial FM station, procured studio equipment, transmitter equipment, an antenna and tower, and commenced operations. The station has been operational ever since.

November 1971 - February 1972: WLVE (FM), Baraboo / Madison, Wisconsin and WIBU (AM) Poynette, Wisconsin. Engineer: At that time, WLVE and WIBU both operated and had transmitters controlled from Poynette, Wisconsin. Responsible for program operations for WLVE, transmitter operations for WLVE and WIBU, and studio maintenance for WLVE and WIBU.

January 1967 - May 1969: WCLO AM & WCLO FM, Janesville, Wisconsin. Engineer: Responsible for program operations for the AM station, and transmitter operations for both the AM and FM station (while attending high school).